Mehdi Ravan

I have been an entrepreneur for as far as i remember.

I started my entrepreneurial journey from grade three at school when I was only nine years of age.

I was buying stickers of luxury cars and famous people from a bookstore near my house in the main area of my city in a bundle and then selling them at a retail price in smaller quantities in the school for 10 times the cost.

My second business was at age 10 when i was in grade four at school, i was importing fireworks from a tiny village where my parents were from in the south east of Iran and retailing them again at school in my city where i lived and grew up for 6 times the price, i was the only dealer and that money was great for a 10 year old kid.

I then started my third business at age 13 when I was again buying acrylic pens from the city bookstore and retailing them with a nice margin at school.

I did not stop there, again at age 16 during my high school studies, I started my fourth successful business which was a school newspaper called Today’s Youth!

We published it twice a month and the business became so successful that one day my school director told me that I have spoken with the ministry of education and we are going to take this to other schools in the country!

But then I was always dreaming of becoming an airline pilot and had to leave my country before age 18 to skip the army. For that, I left the newspaper business and dropped out of high school to pursue my flying dream.

I came to Dubai to join an aviation academy but ended up joining one in the beautiful country of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. I stayed there and did my flying.I remember always calculating on paper how much do airlines make, how much does each flight cost them, i started finding out fuel prices, average occupancy, types of planes needed for different routes and on the other hand i was also planning to build a flying academy.

When i did all those big numbers of revenues of airlines on paper, my second thought was, why should i be a pilot and earn this small salary compared to actually starting my own airline business and reaching for those unlimited revenues!

Now when I look back, it seems that this entrepreneurial spirit has always been part of my DNA!

This continued until I had to come back to Dubai for my visa renewal where I was invited to join my Brother to help him with his business.

We started the IT business with 2 of us and one division to repair laptops and computers and gew the company to multiple departments.

Over there I learned about a few problems we faced in our business and decided to embark on my journey to solve those problems with the help of technology and the internet.

I went on to start Duminex where our mission is to help businesses have their finances organized and available at their fingertipsand grow faster and as a result, we help companies globally to hire some of the brightest freelance accountants and finance professionals.

It has been both painful and pleasurable journey so far as i had to go through some very tough times to make things work and i have made my mission to share what i have learned building different businesses offline and online so that aspiring entrepreneurs learn the exact strategies i use in my businesses and avoid the costly mistakes i made.