Mehdi Ravan

4 Proven Steps To Find Investors For Your Startup

I know you might be wondering how I can find an investor for my idea.

You think you have a great startup idea and are just waiting for the money to come.

If that’s you, then continue reading as I’m going to share some helpful tips to help you find an investor easier.

1: Make sure your idea is ready

What do i mean by this?
Just like how humans have different stages of life such as pregnancy, infancy, toddler, childhood, etc, startups also have different
stages during their lifecycle which I talk about in detail in my Infinite Growth Startup Coaching Program.
One such major stage for a startup is Idea Validation which means you have proven that your idea is going to work out
successfully, there are a few key strategies for Validating your startup idea which again I go deep in my Infinite Growth Startup
Coaching Program.
So there are different investors who are interested in different startups depending on the stages they are in, some might want to
invest only in high revenue startups while some others might be interested in only early-stage startups.
Having Validated your startup idea would give you an edge and make you readier and more matured for early-stage investors to
understand and believe in your vision.
So make sure you have validated your idea and that’s your first step to ensure you don’t waste your time chasing investors

2: Stack all the necessary documents

This is very important as you don’t get much time when you approach an investor.
Investors don’t invest just by your presentation or explanation, they need some documents to study your idea.
There are quite a few key documents that you must have ready handy before you even start looking for investors such as Product
Deck, Investor Deck or Pitch, Feasibility Study, etc,.
Don’t worry if you don’t know what those docs are or how to make a perfect one, I have been there and that’s why I have included
all those documents step by step in my 90 days infinite growth startup coaching program along with ready templates.
So make sure you have your documents in place and that’s your second step!

3: Get a mentor

If i am to start all over again, this is probably one of the first things I would do which is finding a mentor for myself.
A mentor is someone who has walked the path you want to walk and can guide you through the exact steps for your success.
So how does having a mentor related to the funding topic here?
Investors are more welcoming to warm requests just like anyone else and mentors usually know some investors in their network
and can introduce you to them when the time comes.
You don’t have to get a mentor just for the sake of funding, you can get a lot of support and knowledge in other areas from a mentor
for the growth of your startup, so you can utilize his or her expertise to the max.
Now let’s go to step number four.

4: Tap Into accelerator programs

This is more or less like step number three which is an indirect method.
There are a growing number of incubators and accelerator programs globally due to the rise in upcoming startups and available
Most of these programs do not invest directly as they are not investors except some small grants or amounts of like 100K$ or so
depending on the plans and strategies of a specific accelerator.
Again note that accelerators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, so if you happen to join them, make sure you
get all the possible learnings from them while you focus on the funding part.
Plus, applying to different accelerators or incubators will expose you to the community and teach you certain things during the
process such as presentation and pitching skills 🙂